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SLCLEX’s founder and managing partner, Prof. Avv. Andrea Moja, has extensive experience of over 20 years in the field of trusts law. The Firm assists its clients in the set-up, modification and termination of trusts, both in domestic and international contexts.

SLCLEX can provide the highest level of expertise in trusts, including tax and inheritance issues as well as trust disputes.

The Firm lawyers are, in fact, able to easily disentangle all the many issues that may arise in relation to this complicated, but incredibly useful, legal instrument, both in domestic and international context, including those relating to:

  • Set-Up/Trusts for the management and protection of private and corporate assets

  • Administration of the trust fund

  • Choice of the most useful trust law and jurisdiction

  • Investment and distribution of assets in trust

  • Relationships with trustee(s) and protector(s)

  • Identification of tools to minimize the risk of litigation within the parties of a trust

  • Assistance in all types of disputes, acting, depending on the circumstances, as advisor/defender of the trustee(s), settlor or beneficiaries